Motivated by the death of Lauren Moilien Johnson, our mission is twofold: to prevent similar tragedies; and to provide grants to persons who have been selected to participate in nonprofit programs.


It is the mission of The Lauren Project to provide grants for those that wish to help others. Simply put we aim to help fulfill the desires of those wishing to make positive impact on their world.


It is your generous donations that allow us to accomplish our two missions; providing life saving carbon monoxide detectors, and to provide grants for those looking to make a difference in their world.

What Motivates Us

“This I believe: That every man, woman, and child has the right to opportunity:  the opportunity for freedom, the opportunity for education, the opportunity for health care, and the opportunity to enjoy their lives peacefully.”
-Lauren Moilien Johnson | August 27, 2008

Lauren’s passion was in creating a better world for all, and we hope to carry on this mission in her absence. It is our goal to provide those that are motivated to have a positive impact on their world with the necessary financial resources to ensure they are able to do so. Lauren was determined to make the world a better place for all to live, we hope to instill her passion for peace and justice in those around us.

Our mission is twofold; in addition to providing grants for those looking to have a positive impact on the world, we also work to provide working carbon monoxide detectors to any house in need of one.  It is our hope to prevent future tragedies similar to the one that took Lauren from us all too soon.

Who We Are

  • Grants We’ve Recieved

    Weld Recovers awarded the Lauren Project a grant for $5000 to cover the cost to purchase and install C.O. alarms for homes that were damaged by the floods in Northern Colorado in 2013. In a joint effort with the American Red Cross, this project was completed in October of 2015. The Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County awarded The […]

  • Grant Recipients

    Lauren’s passion was international human rights and The Lauren Moilien Johnson International Human Rights Award seeks to support experiences that lead to a deeper commitment for solving the world’s problems caused by poverty, war, and injustice and to create life-changing opportunities as volunteers work among the poor and disenfranchised people of the world.

  • Supporters

    It is through the support of generous volunteers that we are able to keep our organization up and running. We appreciate the love and support that our volunteers have shown over the past few years, allowing our organization to grow and thrive.